So Many Unfinished Things

I’ve fallen out with my jersey tank top. it’s a very fiddly material. I was full of confidence after my first attempt and then flippantly began the next one. So flippant was I, that I didn’t think I needed jersey needles for this new tricky material.  I then, in my impatience, began sewing the necklineContinue reading “So Many Unfinished Things”

All of the lovely things

Fifi Top I’ve made a lot of things this week. I’m really rather proud of the Fifi top I made out of this lovely swallow cotton. It’s was new in at Crafty Sew & So and will be adoring the window for a few months before a squirrelling it away for my wardrobe.  I madeContinue reading “All of the lovely things”

I’m So Deflated

This week, in fact these past few of weeks, I’ve been absolutely exhausted. It’s been tricky to muster motivation. I’ve been feeling like I’m going through the motions. I have two moods, forced cheer or  quiet exhaustion. It feels like I’m avoiding something; keeping busy with work or making things. the only problem is I’m notContinue reading “I’m So Deflated”

Things I have yet to make

Tilly and the Buttons Fifi Pj Set Make up bag Fabric Box Tea Cosy Hex quilt Cushion covers Make A5 books to sell at Crafty Sew & So  MY NOVEL Things go wrong. This is inevitable. I hate it. Let’s start with number one. I was happily getting on with this somewhat complicated pattern fromContinue reading “Things I have yet to make”

Today I made a Tea Cosy

At my father-in-laws behest I started making a Volkswagen tea cosy. I’ve made a tea cosy from a pattern in Everything Alice by Hannah Read-Baldrey, Christine Leech:   I think I may have gotten a little over confident because I made a pattern without looking at the measurements and ended up making it a touch too small.Continue reading “Today I made a Tea Cosy”

Today I made an attempt at drawing

I’ve always been keen on drawing but my perfectionism has gotten in the way. If there’s a drawing I’m not happy with I’ll often just tear out the page rip it up. This is not conducive to learning. Recently I’ve decided to make another attempt. It took me a surprising amount of time to findContinue reading “Today I made an attempt at drawing”

Today I made a plan

‘If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing badly’ When my therapist gave me this piece of advise I told her she was wrong.  I absolutely hate doing anything that I deem less than perfect. This way of thinking is not helpful, it often leads to not doing anything for fear of doing itContinue reading “Today I made a plan”