Very much enjoying wearing clothes I made

I was a little sceptical about Me Made May, I’m fairly new to making my own clothes. I worried about putting too much pressure on myself.  In reality it’s been really fun. I’ve enjoyed thinking about my outfits instead of throwing on whatever’s handy.

 I do not have nearly enough clothes to wear something new everyday but I have managed it so far.

Here’s the first week of Me Made Clothes:

I have never before taken so many photos of me. I missed the first day due to a terribly stomach bug. Looking forward to the rest of the month.

Physical Illness and Mental Recovery


I will be discussing my recovery, weight loss and disordered eating.


It was my plan to post a picture of me wearing a home-made item each day of the month. I’ve been avoiding taking said picture all day. It’s only within the past half hour I’ve realised  the reason for this.

I’ve lost weight.

That will happen if you can’t keep food down for a couple of days. this is not a good thing. I’d never really considered the impact of physical illness on my recovery from an eating disorder. I will not go into detail as I don’t think it will do any good. Suffice to say this stomach virus has brought back unwanted memories.

I do not want a picture of me in this top whilst I am not at my healthy weight. So here’s a Photo of me from a little while ago wearing the jersey top I am wearing today.


Me Made May

So I made it downstairs for the first time in two days. I have been unable to keep any food down since the early hours of Saturday morning. Today I have done many things such as washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put my contacts in.

This morning I remembered I signed up for Me Made May, I pledged to wear one item of home made clothing each day throughout may. Yesterday, you will not be surprised to hear I did not wear anything home-made.

I’m really not feeling great today but I have managed to get dressed, In my comfiest of clothes. I’m wrapped up in my jersey cowl scarf, which I made a little while ago at a  Crafty So & Sew workshop.


Now back to watching pointless snuggled under blankets.