I Made It Through

It’s been a tough week, with bad news from the dentist, my last ever appointment with my Doctor at the eating disorder clinic and thinking how on earth I’m going to cope when my comes to an end in April. I’ve been seeing my therapist for over two years and it’s absolutely terrifying thinking aboutContinue reading “I Made It Through”

Busy Weeks and Little Crafts

  So last weeks blog didn’t appear. I was absolutely exhausted come Sunday after my Great Auntie Pat’s Funeral and my Grandparents Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Here’s a picture of them sixty years ago.   It’s been a rather eventful week this week as well. I went for drinks a couple of times and even hadContinue reading “Busy Weeks and Little Crafts”

Productivity Away!

The chaos of Christmas seems to have passed and I’m feeling refreshed. Things seemed a lot easier to get done this past week. There are several reasons this could be. Routine has come back into play. I’m going into Crafty Sew & So three times a week, reading and singing songs at my library everyContinue reading “Productivity Away!”

Finishing Unmade Projects

Before Christmas I wrote a blog entitled Things I Have Yet to Make. I was feeling a bit down about having all these uncompleted things hanging over my head. In hindsight I was more than likely channelling my stresses into these things so I didn’t have to think about Christmas. I’m starting to feel aContinue reading “Finishing Unmade Projects”

Things I have yet to make

Tilly and the Buttons Fifi Pj Set Make up bag Fabric Box Tea Cosy Hex quilt Cushion covers Make A5 books to sell at Crafty Sew & So  MY NOVEL Things go wrong. This is inevitable. I hate it. Let’s start with number one. I was happily getting on with this somewhat complicated pattern fromContinue reading “Things I have yet to make”

I made a cloth binding for iZombie

Me and my husband have numerous single issues comics which I’ve been wanting to bind for some time, to start with I decided to go with an old favourite iZombie. It’s a fantastic series which has recently been adapted for TV, though I’m not sure it’s made it to the UK yet. There’s a pretty coolContinue reading “I made a cloth binding for iZombie”

I made a beautifully bound book

I’ve upped my game in book binding with the help of this fantastic guide by Erica Ekrem. It was my husbands birthday the other day so my first project from this book was a gift for him. I started with what I thought would be a relatively simple design, of a ‘preserve-a-memory mason-jar book’ minus theContinue reading “I made a beautifully bound book”

Today I made a teapot pencil holder

It turns out I have a surplus of teapots so decided to re-purpose one of them into a pot for my colouring pencils. Things you need: A teapot PVA glue mixed 1 part water 1 part glue Some form of brush, I used one from a paint tester Roughly 25 scraps of fabric 10cm long andContinue reading “Today I made a teapot pencil holder”

Today I made my vote (and a little felt mouse)

I woke up bright and early ready to vote! It had been planned, I had to arrive after most people have been to work but before the elderly folk and people with kids  had managed to get out and about. It worked, just  about, there where only three people ahead of us in the ParishContinue reading “Today I made my vote (and a little felt mouse)”

Today I made a trip to Buttons Boutique

I decided it was high time to stock up on material and other nice bits. Going into town (or even leaving the house) is something I find difficult. I’ve had panic attacks in the middle of shops and become so overwhelmed I give up on whatever I was there to do. This has resulted inContinue reading “Today I made a trip to Buttons Boutique”