I made a cloth binding for iZombie

Me and my husband have numerous single issues comics which I’ve been wanting to bind for some time, to start with I decided to go with an old favourite iZombie. It’s a fantastic series which has recently been adapted for TV, though I’m not sure it’s made it to the UK yet. There’s a pretty coolContinue reading “I made a cloth binding for iZombie”

I made a beautifully bound book

I’ve upped my game in book binding with the help of this fantastic guide by Erica Ekrem. It was my husbands birthday the other day so my first project from this book was a gift for him. I started with what I thought would be a relatively simple design, of a ‘preserve-a-memory mason-jar book’ minus theContinue reading “I made a beautifully bound book”

long time no blog…but I made a lot of headway in my novel!

I have been away from my blog for far too long but my very noble excuse is that I’ve been editing away! This is the first draft I have printed out in it’s entirety. though I think in all honesty it’s probably around the fifth draft in all it’s different incarnations. I printed it outContinue reading “long time no blog…but I made a lot of headway in my novel!”

Today I made notebooks

I began a frenzy of notebook binding a couple of days ago. Today I have a little collection of handmade Japanese stab bound books. I got the inspiration from a back issue of my favourite magazines Oh Comely: Alice Morby wrote a piece on Japanese stab binding, turtle pattern. It rekindled my love of makingContinue reading “Today I made notebooks”