Sweet Bread Is The Best Bread

So I wasn’t particularly inspired by this week’s bread on Bake Off. For a while now I’ve been wanting to make a second attempt at brioche. I fell in love with brioche around three years ago when my husband and I went to Switzerland on our honeymoon. There were so many lovely patisseries. A brioche bun wasContinue reading “Sweet Bread Is The Best Bread”

Biscuits Week

Episode two  of The Great British Bake Off inspired me to make biscuits! It was my plan to recreate the technical challenge, Viennese Whirls. However, I was sadly lacking in cornflour.   So, onto iced biscuits. I’d forgotten how outrageously simple biscuits were to make.  Following a recipe from The Primrose Bakery Book ,  I created scrummyContinue reading “Biscuits Week”

This Cake is Damn Good

My last post was about taking inspiration from Great British Bake Off.This week’s inspiration came in the form of Earl Grey and lemon drizzle loaf cake, originally it was going to be lady grey because I prefer the flavour but  it turns out I don’t have any so I went for the good old Earl instead.Continue reading “This Cake is Damn Good”

Baking and Birthdays

My blogging needs a bit of a kick up the bum. Depression and anxiety have stilled my fingers but I might just be coming out the other end now. A lot of my recent posts have been about my newest hobby, dressmaking. Although I’ll still be sewing away in the background, I’m going to start concentratingContinue reading “Baking and Birthdays”

Chocolate Victoria Sponge

With another fabulous series of Bake Off well under way I have decided to get my baking up to scratch. I will make my way through Queen Mary’s  Baking Bible. First recipe in the Classic Cakes section is Madeira Cake. I don’t like ground almonds so I’m skipping that one.  Next Victorian Sandwich, I madeContinue reading “Chocolate Victoria Sponge”

30 minute doughnut holes…and difficult choices

I was pretty sceptical about this recipe as the doughnuts I’ve made before I’ve left to prove for a good while.  Never the less I decided to give it a go. I used Kelly Senyei’s recipe from Just a Taste   For the doughnuts: 5 cups vegetable oil, for frying 1 cup milk 1 largeContinue reading “30 minute doughnut holes…and difficult choices”

All of the cakes

After a friend and I conceded that our ‘writing sessions’  consisted of no writing, and were in fact an excuse for eating and nattering, we decided to give up the charade and have a baking day instead. The results were magnificent. We started off with simple lemon butterfly cakes from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.  It’s the basicContinue reading “All of the cakes”

Today I made rhubarb crumble

On a visit to my in laws I picked up some lovely lovely Rhubarb. I’ve never made anything with Rhubarb  before so I thought I’d go with a simple crumble. Decided straight off this crumble would be for my husband. As I don’t really eat Rhubarb it didn’t feel like a ‘safe food,’ I haveContinue reading “Today I made rhubarb crumble”