This month has been Inktober, I’ve been teaching myself to draw throughout lockdown and decided to join in. Inktober happens every October and is a chance to practice ink drawing everyday with an interesting list of prompts. I thought I would share my highlights here. The first four are those that were given the most liked on Instagram

These next few are my personal favourites but didn’t get as much love in social media. Its been so much fun drawing every day, I hope to continue, but maybe two or three times a week.

I decided to only use black and white and played about with shading. One of the lessons this month has taught me is to not be afraid to be messy. I look forward to using more colour instead of just black ink pens. A while back I brought some inks and brushes but they are somewhere in my house which is still disorganised from all the renovations.

Thanks for reading folx, stay safe if you can.

Digital Art, You Say?

Over the past week, I have been having so much fun using Artflow Studio.  I was inspired by my sisters sketching on pro-create. After discovering it was an iPhone exclusive I tried a few recommended apps. The first one I could figure out was Artflow. It took me about a day to get used to. I paid for the full version pretty much straight away Using as many layers as possible means I don’t need to worry about messing up previous pieces.

One of the wonderful things about working digitally is the ability to keep the original and alter colourways.  I’m figuring out overlays and shading. I look forward to making more art…who knows maybe one day I’ll be able to start a piece from scratch instead of copying from previous work.

I know it has been a while since I posted here. I’m going to try updating more regularly. I’ve not stopped making, my wardrobe has transitioned to majority handmade garments. I’m currently working on a Fraser jumper from this gorgeous fleece. Lanni can be seen here helping me cut out a Stevie dress out of some Lady McElroy Viscose.

Tomorrow I shall sit at my sewing machine and crack on with more makes. Thanks for reading,

Today I made ink patterns

Colouring is probably the most relaxing forms of art around. You choose the colours, deep and dark or pretty pastels. Here’s a few bits I’ve done from Enchanted Forest.



After doing a bit of ink drawing from everyone can draw I decided to ink the next pages of enchanted forest. I started with indian ink and dip pen. I enjoyed it until Baratheon decided he had to be on my lap right then!

not even fussed
not even fussed

This isn’t even the first time he’s been a pest when I’m trying to draw.


I picked up again with a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen.


I decided to make small patterns for the first tree and then use the bold pen for the taller trees leaves.

It’s lots of fun to dip in and out of whenever you fancy. though now I’m tempted to buy lots of pretty coloured pens and inks.

Today I made an attempt at drawing

I’ve always been keen on drawing but my perfectionism has gotten in the way. If there’s a drawing I’m not happy with I’ll often just tear out the page rip it up. This is not conducive to learning. Recently I’ve decided to make another attempt. It took me a surprising amount of time to find a book that actually began with the basics. Every book I looked at went into very technical detail and demanded knowledge of technical materials. This is an awful lot to assume of a novice.

I finally found one that seemed perfect when perusing the little library down the road. |his trip in itself was a big achievement as it was the first time I left the house by myself in a very long time.  I managed to push through the anxiety and even had a nice conversation with the library assistant. I walked home, very proud of myself, with a Everyone Can Draw and a small bundle of books under my arms.

everyone can draw
Everyone Can Draw: Step by step instructions for artists Barrington Barber

       I skipped the introduction, hopefully I’ll go back but I was impatient to start. The very beginning  taught me different ways to hold a pencil, work with tones and create simple shapes.

2015-05-19 16.01.40 (1)

I particularly like the fact that Barber give advice on which pencils to use an later which charcoal, pens and brushes. So far the ‘lessons’ are clear concise and not the least bit patronising.

The ink was trickier than pencil, it feels a clumsy
The ink was trickier than pencil, it feels a clumsy

2015-05-19 16.01.18
working on shading, I’m not that keen on this

starting to have fun here and not being technically correct
starting to have fun here and not being technically correct

I’m really looking forward continuing, I’ve just order watercolours and brushes and will post my mess of an attempt here.