Today I made my vote (and a little felt mouse)

I woke up bright and early ready to vote! It had been planned, I had to arrive after most people have been to work but before the elderly folk and people with kids  had managed to get out and about. It worked, just  about, there where only three people ahead of us in the ParishContinue reading “Today I made my vote (and a little felt mouse)”

Today I made a trip to Buttons Boutique

I decided it was high time to stock up on material and other nice bits. Going into town (or even leaving the house) is something I find difficult. I’ve had panic attacks in the middle of shops and become so overwhelmed I give up on whatever I was there to do. This has resulted inContinue reading “Today I made a trip to Buttons Boutique”

Today I made…my first post

I can proudly say that for over a year now I have been on the way to recovery from an eating disorder and depression! One thing that’s helped me a lot is writing down my achievements of the day. To start with it was little more than ‘got dressed’ or ‘ate without feeling anxious’. More recentlyContinue reading “Today I made…my first post”