Today I made ink patterns

Colouring is probably the most relaxing forms of art around. You choose the colours, deep and dark or pretty pastels. Here’s a few bits I’ve done from Enchanted Forest. After doing a bit of ink drawing from everyone can draw I decided to ink the next pages of enchanted forest. I started with indian inkContinue reading “Today I made ink patterns”

Today I made an attempt at drawing

I’ve always been keen on drawing but my perfectionism has gotten in the way. If there’s a drawing I’m not happy with I’ll often just tear out the page rip it up. This is not conducive to learning. Recently I’ve decided to make another attempt. It took me a surprising amount of time to findContinue reading “Today I made an attempt at drawing”

Today I made a teapot pencil holder

It turns out I have a surplus of teapots so decided to re-purpose one of them into a pot for my colouring pencils. Things you need: A teapot PVA glue mixed 1 part water 1 part glue Some form of brush, I used one from a paint tester Roughly 25 scraps of fabric 10cm long andContinue reading “Today I made a teapot pencil holder”

Today I made a plan

‘If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing badly’ When my therapist gave me this piece of advise I told her she was wrong.  I absolutely hate doing anything that I deem less than perfect. This way of thinking is not helpful, it often leads to not doing anything for fear of doing itContinue reading “Today I made a plan”

Today I made rhubarb crumble

On a visit to my in laws I picked up some lovely lovely Rhubarb. I’ve never made anything with Rhubarb  before so I thought I’d go with a simple crumble. Decided straight off this crumble would be for my husband. As I don’t really eat Rhubarb it didn’t feel like a ‘safe food,’ I haveContinue reading “Today I made rhubarb crumble”

Today I made my vote (and a little felt mouse)

I woke up bright and early ready to vote! It had been planned, I had to arrive after most people have been to work but before the elderly folk and people with kids  had managed to get out and about. It worked, just  about, there where only three people ahead of us in the ParishContinue reading “Today I made my vote (and a little felt mouse)”

Today I made a trip to Buttons Boutique

I decided it was high time to stock up on material and other nice bits. Going into town (or even leaving the house) is something I find difficult. I’ve had panic attacks in the middle of shops and become so overwhelmed I give up on whatever I was there to do. This has resulted inContinue reading “Today I made a trip to Buttons Boutique”

Today I made…my first post

I can proudly say that for over a year now I have been on the way to recovery from an eating disorder and depression! One thing that’s helped me a lot is writing down my achievements of the day. To start with it was little more than ‘got dressed’ or ‘ate without feeling anxious’. More recentlyContinue reading “Today I made…my first post”