This month has been Inktober, I’ve been teaching myself to draw throughout lockdown and decided to join in. Inktober happens every October and is a chance to practice ink drawing everyday with an interesting list of prompts. I thought I would share my highlights here. The first four are those that were given the most liked on Instagram

These next few are my personal favourites but didn’t get as much love in social media. Its been so much fun drawing every day, I hope to continue, but maybe two or three times a week.

I decided to only use black and white and played about with shading. One of the lessons this month has taught me is to not be afraid to be messy. I look forward to using more colour instead of just black ink pens. A while back I brought some inks and brushes but they are somewhere in my house which is still disorganised from all the renovations.

Thanks for reading folx, stay safe if you can.

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