Mobile-games I played in my Pj’s

Spent the day in bed with tissues stuffed up my nose! So here are some games which have been keeping me entertained all day.

Triple Town


Lots of fun and hella addictive. It’s kept me entertained for most of the day. Available on Android and iOS.



Really relaxing, and beautiful, it’s worth having the sound on because of the peaceful noises the stars make when the tree reaches them.  Again it’s available on iOS and Anroid. I ran through it pretty quickly but that doesn;t matter because it’s nice to try and create different shapes with the trees.



I haven’t actually played this today because it’s been a chilled day but Flowy is fantastic when I’m out and about and feel anxious. It helps with deep breaths and also keeps you distracted with a little sailing game.

I’ve found these games on a video my husband linked to me if you want you can check it out below.



Now I’m off to make myself another honey and lemon!

Published by Rebekah Graves

For over a year now I have been on the way to recovery from an eating disorder and depression! One thing that’s helped me a lot is writing down my achievements. To start with it was little more than ‘got dressed’ or ‘ate without feeling anxious’. More recently my accomplishments have been more substantial. Here I will document my bakes, writing, crafts, textiles, gardening and other bits and pieces.

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