Busy Weeks and Little Crafts


So last weeks blog didn’t appear. I was absolutely exhausted come Sunday after my Great Auntie Pat’s Funeral and my Grandparents Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Here’s a picture of them sixty years ago.


It’s been a rather eventful week this week as well. I went for drinks a couple of times and even had a meal out. I’m pretty sleepy still and will only do a little post today.  I’ve been doing a few bits of crafting at Crafty Sew & So.

Here’s some lovely owl doorstops made in a workshop. Mine is the middle one made from some of the ditsy floral print we’ve just got into store!

I also made this cushion with some new fabric, ric-rac and pom pom trim.

20160123_124211 (1).jpg

I wrote a tutorial on the Crafty Sew & So Blog.

3 thoughts on “Busy Weeks and Little Crafts

  1. I saw the picture on Crafty Sew & So yesterday. The grown up bridesmaid closest to the little bridesmaids looks SO like your Mum, but a little rounder in the face. Would that be her aunt?


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