Finishing Unmade Projects

Before Christmas I wrote a blog entitled Things I Have Yet to Make. I was feeling a bit down about having all these uncompleted things hanging over my head. In hindsight I was more than likely channelling my stresses into these things so I didn’t have to think about Christmas.

I’m starting to feel a bit better now that the pressures of this time of year are beginning to dissipate. When I sat down with a bag of unfinished bits I didn’t feel overwhelmed I simply took out the first thing. An unfinished make up bag which I had sewn the on the wrong side.

It was easy enough to unpick  and didn’t take long to finish off.

If you want to make one yourself, there are little kits with an instruction booklet available at Crafty Sew & So. You will see some fabulous hand modelling by yours truly.

The next thing I finished off was a little fabric box for all those loose threads and bits of fabric. I was given a beautiful bundle of Cath Kidston fabrics last year and used the last bits to make this box.


My husband is very happy my sewing will be a bit tidier now

The next thing I did was tackle the French seams of my Fifi pyjama top. If you’ve not run across French seams before they are a pain in the bum. I’d managed to attach the back three panels upside down. I sat in front of the TV and unpicked the seams and bias binding. I’m not going to attempt this again at home. I shall be going into Crafty Sew & So to get a bit of expert advice.


I shall be finishing off lots of other bits over the coming months and hopefully get on with a bit more writing too.

3 thoughts on “Finishing Unmade Projects

  1. Nice one Bekki! You have inspired me to finish some of the Many UFOs that I have around- but I’m also going to let go of a few tricky ones which have been giving me nightmares! Here’s to more happy (even if not always right first time) sewing this year! Remember, it’s not a mistake, it’s a “design decision”! X

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