Crafts for my fabulous party.

I hosted my birthday party in which the theme was vague to say the least. I very much wanted to dress up as Lis a house spirit  from Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

It turns out most of my friends also had characters they were itching to dress as. In attendance were:

  • Faith (Buffy)
  • Cleopatra queen of the Nile
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Delirium (Neil Gaiman’s Sandman)
  • A revere (The Night Circus)
  • J Jonah Jameson  (spider-man)
  • Janet Snakehole and Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklinn (Parks and Rec)
  • Minerva (Wicked and the Divine)
  • Danny complete with Apollo jumper (The Shining)
  • Hit Girl (Kick Ass)
  • Iron Man
  • Donnie Darko and Frank
  • Super Person
  • Wolverine
  • A member of the court of owls (Batman)
  • The Cheshire Cat (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

A perfectly eclectic mix, and not a bad reading/watching list. Unfortunately we were far too busy having fun to take pictures of our wonderful outfits. As the outfits were a mishmash i decided to go strictly for black and gold for the decorations.   Weeks before the party i started making various pretty things, mostly inspired from pinterest

I made paper pompoms to hang from the ceiling.


It was simple but time consuming, all you need is paper/fabric, scissors, needle and thread.

  1. For each pompom cut out six circles, either out of crepe paper or fabric. I tried to be painfully accurate at first but you can’t really tell so long as they’re roughly the same size with curved edges.
  2. Fold each circle in half and then half again.
  3. Tie a not in your thread and pull each piece through and tie each end of the thread together. For individual pompoms you are practically finished. Gently pull out the folded circles to form a ball. Tie another piece of thread / ribbon to the pompom and attach it to the ceiling with blue tack or whatever you have to hand.
  4. If you want to make a chain keep the pieces folded and make the desired about. When you’re done tie a not in the end of a long piece of thread or ribbon and pull the first pompom through. Tie another knot to keep the pompom in place. Continue this until you have a garland of pompoms. Pull out the folded circles and attach to doorways, mirrors, ceilings etc.


I Made garlands out of paper disks

  1. cut out cardboard circles of your desired colours and shapes, I used mostly black with a few splashes of shiny gold. I used templates from around the house, a spool of thread for the little ones, and the base of a bowl for the larger ones.


2.   Start sewing! I picked up some invisible quilting thread but white would probably work just as well.  make sure you leave lots of thread before you start sewing so you can hang it up later.  I used my sewing machine and threaded through each circle (I’m sure it would be just as easy to hand sew). you can sew two on top of each other or sew them off centre to give more movement.


With the left over circles and pompoms I decorated the walls with black and gold. for the finishing touches I brought a mix of black and gold table clothes, cups and plates.

Though I had a  wonderful time and loved seeing all my friends, the day was not free of anxiety ridden turmoil. I had too keep checking myself to make sure I was not too busy trying to be the ‘perfect host’ to enjoy myself.

My little house exploded with unprecedented noise. If it got too loud or overwhelming I slipped off upstairs  to see my lovely cats (they were not best pleased about all these people in their house). 



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