I created a world

World building in fantasy is exhilarating but frustrating. After scribbling vague countries onto pieces of scrap paper I decided to browse the inter-webs for help. surprisingly I was rewarded almost instantaneously with this website:


You can decide all sorts of things or alternatively keep clicking randomize until you get the world you want. I am just awful and geography so this little device has helped no end. it’s even got little tropical trees for land near the equator. I decided to choose a planet with a fair bit of ice and not that much land. 55ba1219569ac438 Another really fun thing you can do on this website is create your own calendar, choose how many days, months and weeks in the year and how many moons the world has. I stepped away from the computer and worked with pencil and paper to scribble down country names. Then  I assigned characters to different countries and figured out how their heritage changes how they behave and look. I found it a relativity easy way to work diversity into a story.

I have a cork board now dedicated to geography

I also worked on smaller geography and sketched out a very inaccurate version of ‘The Hollow’ which is the location for most of the action in my story.


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