Writing Writing Writing

This month I’m joining in with Camp Nano, click here if you want to see my current progress. Unlike in November, when the word count is set at 50,000 words, I can set my own word count for the month. I decided to try a modest 10,000 words of my revision.  Having done absolutely nothing for ten days I finally started.

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so far I’ve written 4920 words of my revised draft and am beginning to forget what the world outside my story is like. Needless to say I have taken little time out for crafts. Though to break up the writing I have started designing outfits and characters:wpid-20150706_210219.jpg


If you are curious about their identical positions, it is because i am not particularly good/patient enough to draw figures so I used a book of figure drawings. The Fashion Sketchpad.


This is my little writing nook, it’s always got a supply of chocolate  and often cups of tea supplied by my husband.

 I’m afraid that’s all the sense you’ll get out of me today.

Back to my writing!!

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