I made a fancy sketch book cover

Yesterday I went to a wonderful craft day with Neil Burly at perfectly 4med. This was a Christmas present from my mum. Only recently have I felt well enough to leave the house for a day. The main obstacle was eating in an unfamiliar environment. Happily I coped just fine with my packed lunch, sitting outside with a gorgeous Labradoodle  named Charlie at my feet.

We started with a blank sketchbook and added texture with paste and glued all sorts of beautiful bits and pieces into place.

I really liked the keys
I really liked the keys
This is my mums, she was going for a summer garden
This is my mums, she was going for a summer garden

The next step was to paint over it with craft paint, I can’t remember what it was called but it was a chalky, acrylic, glue paint. it took me a couple of times because the metal was tricky to cover.

I love the texture of the lace

when this is nice and dry we could use spray, paint, inks, there were so many colours to choose from it was fantastic.  I started with this:


I had absolutely no idea where to go from here, and felt very much like I a school child and asked for help, turns out I just had to do more. I sprayed more colours and it looked a lot more like i wanted however now the bronze key and bits looked way too bright and not at all tarnished. Again I looked helplessly about and asked for help to make verdigries effect. it turned out perfectly. wpid-20150704_143353.jpg


I was amazed at how many different looks came from the same materials. I had a fantastic day and would recommend it to anyone.

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