Today I Made Dried Sage

I am very proud of my little herb garden. The sage and rosemary and lemon basil where there when I moved in but the rest I’ve done myself. It’s very rewarding to garden, especially with something as low maintenance as herbs. I love seeing the transformation from season to season.


Mostly Thyme in it’s various forms but a bit of mint and lavender too.

The sage, however, was getting a little out of control so I decided to cut it back and ended up with a whole lot of sage.


I threw away the old and brown bits  then made three big bundles and hung them up in the greenhouse. Then, I just had to wait for a few days until they’d dried up and looked like this:


I separated the leaves from the stems and threw away yet more that had turned a little unsavoury. I was left with a big pile of dried sage leaves.


Then I used a big knife to cut them up, and popped them in an empty herb pot I underestimated how much sage i had and ended up putting the rest in a jar I had laying around.


I’ve been very much enjoying getting into the garden recently. I’ve made it somewhat of a mission to shape the lawn into more of a secret hideaway than the boring rectangle  it is now.

Watch this space:


Published by Rebekah Graves

For over a year now I have been on the way to recovery from an eating disorder and depression! One thing that’s helped me a lot is writing down my achievements. To start with it was little more than ‘got dressed’ or ‘ate without feeling anxious’. More recently my accomplishments have been more substantial. Here I will document my bakes, writing, crafts, textiles, gardening and other bits and pieces.

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