Today I made a teapot pencil holder

It turns out I have a surplus of teapots so decided to re-purpose one of them into a pot for my colouring pencils.

Things you need:

  • A teapot
  • PVA glue mixed 1 part water 1 part glue
  • Some form of brush, I used one from a paint tester
  • Roughly 25 scraps of fabric 10cm long and between 1cm and 5cm wide

    it will get messy so make sure you've got a sensible surface
    it will get messy so make sure you’ve got a sensible surface

Slather a piece of fabric with glue and starting with the spout and handle begin wrapping the fabric around the tea pot. If the fabric isn’t sticking well enough try applying glue to the teapot surface too. You may not be able to finish in one go, (I tried to stubbornly continue but managed to make myself stop before I got too frustrated.) I recommend doing a base layer and then leaving it to dry.

I took a break here to let the glue dry and fabric harden.
I took a break here to let the glue dry and fabric harden.

Once the fabric has dried continue adding strips until the teapot is completely covered. I ended up trimming down the spout. Cut off excess material and voilà you have a fancy new storage solution. You might want to spray it with something (I used shoe protection spray. I have no idea if it made it any more durable but it didn’t hurt.)

It works perfectly in my little stationary shelf.

Published by Rebekah Graves

For over a year now I have been on the way to recovery from an eating disorder and depression! One thing that’s helped me a lot is writing down my achievements. To start with it was little more than ‘got dressed’ or ‘ate without feeling anxious’. More recently my accomplishments have been more substantial. Here I will document my bakes, writing, crafts, textiles, gardening and other bits and pieces.

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